Wild Nature Tours

High(ku) Mountain Walk with Fred Wah in 2013
Birding Adventures with Cam Gillies
Discovering wildflowers and other unique alpine features


Love waterfalls & stories? Hike the Blaeberry River Trail with Sanne van der Ros on August 11th.


Take half a day to walk in the footsteps of David Thompson and others who have walked the scenic and historic Blaeberry River Trail in the past....

Hike up Mt Bruce with Ryan Bavin on Sunday!


Don't miss this opportunity to get high this Sunday, Aug 3 with Ryan Bavin. He is a man of many talents: a certified hiking guide, a talented...

Rediscovering the Columbia River


Canoeing was a common way to travel for the pioneers and settlers of the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, you can experience the same sense of...

Pinto Mountain Scramble RE-SCHEDULED due to hot weather!


This Sunday's tour "Pinto Mountain: Scramble through Geologic Time" has been changed to September 14, 2014, due to expected high temperatures....