Wild Bee Workshop + Presentation in Invermere, July 7-9

Did you know that there is an endemic bee in Canal Flats? This is just one of the things you’ll learn about in the weekend workshop with renowned bee scientist Lincoln Best. The public presentation on Friday night is The Biodiversity of Bees and their Floral Relations in the East Kootenay. The two-day workshop will look at biodiversity, floral ecology, habitat restoration, landscape design and conservation strategies we can implement to help our local bees thrive. Participants will have the opportunity to build their own bee house and examine museum specimens representing hundreds of native bee species and also spend time exploring bees outdoors where Lincoln will provide natural history interpretation of the native bees in the area. Find out more about wild bees in this Wildsight Invermere event, July 7-9. Details are available on Wildsight Invermere.