Our Guides

All of our guides are local experts in their fields.


Cam Gillies grew up in Invermere enjoying the birds and mountains of British Columbia. As a keen birder, photographer and co-owner of Eagle-Eye Tours (http://www.eagle-eye.com/), he is excited to share his passion with others. He earned a PhD at the University of Alberta and has participated in numerous research projects, from catching endangered Leopard Frogs to snow tracking Wolverines. He has traveled and birded his way through Jamaica, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. Cam lives in Windermere with his wife and three kids.

Beau Llewellyn is providing an introduction to day hikes in the Columbia Valley on July 6th.
From Mali to the Yukon, Beau has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to hike in various environments around the world. He has become an avid hiker and naturalist throughout his time in BC. He sees spending time outdoors as a great way to rejuvenate, connect and gain perspective. Beau looks forward to exploring the Columbia Valley with you this summer, in a safe and respectful manner.

Andrea Petzold is a professional geologist and an avid back country hiker and skier. She graduated from the University of Ottawa and works as a contractor for a petroleum database company. Andrea has been certified by The Association of Canadian Mountain Guides as a hiking guide. Her and her husband David Grant divide their time between Invermere in the summer and Canmore in the winter. Andrea was a speaker at this year's Wings Over the Rockies festival.

Gail Berg has a Bachelor of Science in biology and geography from UVIC; she spent 10 years with BC Forest Service as Range Ecologist. She then spent 4.5 years working in China on CIDA funded development projects, and has additional experience in Tajikistan on the World Bank project. She is currently working on local contracts with Parks Canada (rare plant surveys in Kootenay Park) and Ministry of Agriculture (ungulate crop damage). She has lived in Windermere since 1992 (when home!).

Ryan Bavin was born in Invermere and grew up in the Columbia valley... his family has lived here for four generations! Ryan’s grandfather Hal was a well know photographer, both regionally and nationally. Over the years Ryan has worked with film, especially black and white film, developing and enlarging his own photos. His approach to photography remains the same whether film or digital; he tries to capture what he sees and feels in the mountain landscapes in the areas around his home. Since 2010, Ryan has worked in the summer months as a hiking guide with Canadian Mountain Holidays, in the areas of the Bugaboos and the Bobbie Burns, both situated in the Purcell Mountains, northwest of Invermere. He has also had the opportunity to work with and guide many photographers of regional, national, and international acclaim. Whenever he is outside, Ryan continues to carry his camera with him wherever he goes in the hopes of capturing that next great moment in the mountains!

Kalista Pruden will be guiding two tours this summer.
Kalista grew to know, love and respect the natural world at an early age. Throughout her life she has enjoyed numerous outdoor activities, adventure sports and nature related hobbies. Kalista has made a career out of her knowledge and passion for the environment. She completed a Diploma in Renewable Resource Management, and has volunteered for numerous environmental and wildlife related organizations and events. Kalista worked on Wildsight’s Lake Windermere Project, and helped transition the Project into the hands of the community under the direction of the Lake Windermere Ambassadors. Kalista resides in Invermere and is building a small business of her own in environmental education and sustainable existence."

Pat Morrow was born and raised in the Kootenays. After forging his skiing and climbing skills in the Purcell and Rocky Mountains, he went on to become the first person in the world to climb the highest peak on all seven continents, with camera in hand. That recognition earned him the Order of Canada. Pat's motto 'f.8 and be there' has taken him all over the world, and together with his wife Baiba, he has carved a unique niche as a freelance photographer, filmmaker and writer. He is currently the president of the Conrad Kain Centennial Society. For more background info: www.patmorrow.com


Joan Dolinsky has a background in nature interpretation and is the chairperson for the Golden Branch of Wildsight. Joan enjoys spending time in nature with her friends and family.

Sanne van der Ros is an enthusiastic environmental educator and is a certified interpreter with the Interpretive Guides Association and has a Bachelor in Education with Environmental Education specialty. As an avid paddler, hiker, and mountain biker, she loves to spend time exploring, learning about, and sharing the hidden natural areas in Golden area. Sanne is a board member with Wildsight Golden Branch and the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network. Sanne currently works as a Parks Canada interpreter at Yoho National Park and delivers programs to school groups in various environmental education programs.


Lee-Anne Walker owned and operated Fernie Nature Tours for 10 years before donating the company to Wildsight Elk Valley Branch. Local naturalist, environmental educator and environmental consultant, since 1983, Lee-Anne continues to lead visitors on wintery experiences exploring all topics from natural history, winter ecology and survival strategies to local conservation issues.

Allie Dickhout is an experienced environmental educator who delivers Wildsight's Winter Wonder and Classroom with Outdoors programs. She holds a BSc in Environmental Studies and Geography. Allie is passionate about sharing the wonders of winter, inspiring people to love it as much as she does!

Ayla Bennett facilitates a unique experience bringing together environmental awareness and science with a BSc in Environmental Science.

Ryland Nelson works hard at protecting this part of the world and is excited to share it with you! Ryland is Wildsight's Southern Rockies Program Co-ordinator.